Monday, October 24, 2011

Making the time:
This can be difficult of course... maybe a litle too much of lying around.....?
There are always so many things to do, so much going on, plus important jobs such as the washing to be hung out ;), and re-re-organising my work space AGAIN.... However, as I have discovered (rather late in life), beginning something/anything is usually the right way for me. It is in the Process of the making/painting/cutting where my ideas emerge, and I feel a calmness overcome me, and I really Achieve something. 

I seem to be having to constantly re-arranging my work spaces, and will say to myself "yes, that's it".... then days later, I take a different approach, and change it again. I have boxes and trays and cases of cards, arty pictures, articles of interest. Bookshelves on magazines and poetry and art books. I think I may have come up with something I love now, it's workable, things are stored well, and easily accessible. Now, for wome real WORK.....

This is so important, and I've neglected to do this. I aim to spend more time with creative friends. I'd love love love to be in a group of artists/crafters who gather to work together often. It's in collaboration that fantastic things can happen :)
Last week, I spent days painting my good friend's walls with luscious soft pinks and mauves and blues! We had so  Much fun

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