Tuesday, November 19, 2013

My art

Back home, before I flew to Erbil to be with my love I did some painting experiments with my good friend Michelle. I loved it. :)


My visit to Beirut was delightful.
This place is full of beauty and gorgeous designs, as seen here.

Beautiful hand made bags Erbil

These bags are found at the old Bazaar near the Old Citadel in the town centre. They are hand made from old rugs. I find them very beautiful.

Beautiful silks Erbil

These fabrics are made of silk generally, and covered in tiny sparkles. The cheaper versions are just as pretty.
They are mostly used by locals for  the traditional Kurdish dress worn by women to weddings and parties.

Cute houses Erbil

Cute housing designs are everywhere, and I find them so inspiring for my paintings

Sunsets in Erbil


We see some amazing sunsets here in Erbil
Erbil November 2013

These little vehicles are everywhere here in Erbil.
The driver zooms around selling small items throughout the streets.